Bathtub Replacement

Bathtub Replacement – The Problem
Bathtub Replacement can be difficult because conventional bathtub materials like cast-iron, ceramic or porcelain aren’t easily replaced. More often than not, a conventional bathtub replacement project requires extensive demolition, plenty of subcontractors and possibly even removing a wall or two to get the new tub into place. It can be a project that many homeowners neglect simply because of the time, cost, and mess.

Bathtub Replacement – The Solution
This is where an acrylic bathtub replacement comes to the rescue. Acrylic sheets are vacuum-formed around fiberglass as a reinforcement material that make the surface of the new tub resistant to cracking, splitting and chipping (unlike conventional bathtub installations). This process also makes them lightweight, easy to install and affordable.

Bathtub Replacement – The Process
Our team is highly skilled, experienced, licensed, and insured. Typically in just a day, we can install an acrylic bathtub, wall surrounds and accessories to provide you with the new bath you desire for much less than you’d ever expect. With a lifetime warranty on materials, a wide selection of custom sizes and plenty of options to choose from, you’ll rest assure in knowing that your new acrylic bathtub is going to look as good as the day it was installed, even decades later.
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