Shower Remodels

Shower Remodels
Whether you’re simply looking to refinish your shower or you’re looking to upgrade, we’ve got you covered. We can take your current shower and make it brand new by adding glass panels. We can install glass panels on your bathtub shower, we can take your current bathtub and remove the tub part (thus making it a shower), and we can install a senior-safe shower for your special loved one.

Shower Remodels Options

  1. Shower Enclosure
  2. Shower Refinish
  3. Tub to Shower Conversion
  4. Wall Surround

Shower Remodel Challenges
Materials like drains, valves and subfloors can age and corrode overtime and that can cause some serious problems for your shower down the road. That’s why it is important to ensure those performing the work on your shower are licensed, insured and experienced.

Our crew of licensed, insured and experienced bathroom installers will replace your subfloor, P-trap, drain and other materials as needed so you never have to worry about future problems from past materials. We will even replace your valves with quality Moen materials, so you can rest assure knowing that your new shower is going to work perfectly every time for a lifetime to come.
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